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About me

I am Anita Santos Rubín, born in Ponta Grosa, Paraná, Brazil. I come from a humble family and I am going to tell you a little about my story.

I am trained in Classical, Contemporary and Jazz Ballet.

With Adrián Rodríguez, ‘Adrián y Anita’, we are 6 Times Salsa World Champions.

I also worked on the television program ‘Mira Quien Baila’ for 5 years, first on TVE and then on TELECINCO.

I have been traveling around the world for 15 years, being with the grace of God, in countries such as: South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, India, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Morocco, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland , Poland, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico , United States, among others and practically all the cities of Spain, giving classes, doing shows and workshops.

But I think the most important thing to tell you is that I am just like you, with fears, dreams, desires, complexes and ambitions. I am someone who has dedicated his life until today, to his love, which is Dance, Dance, and thanks to God, all this dedication has made it possible today to be able to transmit everything I know to you.

Do you accept?